Indigenous Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidyan
Indian Vedic healer

Registered practitioner- Indian Board of Alternative medicine.
Member - Bharathiya Ayurveda Parampariya Vaidya Federation.

Lineage of few thousand years in indigenous Ayurveda and Vedic practice. And a claim that, this orientation has answer for every sort of leukemia, right for every one.

Childhood : I scribbled lyrics on the sand;
waves erased them.
Youth: : Autobiography – Njaana Paravai -  at 22.
Gurus : Aged Hindu Sanyasins, accomplished indigenous Ayurveda and Siddha Vaidyas.
Diet : Grains and cereals, in addition to fruits and vegetables.
Favorite Drink : Water.
Unanswerable question : The very same question that you want to ask me: ‘Who am I?’.
Favorite abode: : Deeep in the jungles.
Delight:  : Meditating on the Divine.
Favorite deed : Staying with sages.
Favorite pursuit : Studying and researching on medicinal plants.
The person I want to meet : Yogi who could arise Kundalini and cause it to rise in sahasrara chakra, the one whose self has become identical with purusha and kaivalya is achieved.  
Supreme truth : It is beyond human intelligence. We will comprehend it only through revelation from the spirit of God.   
Searching for : Eternal music of  'maunam' (silence) in tapas
Not searching for : Fame
Life style : That of a Sadhoo, with no chanting of manthras or wearing adornments.
Prophecy : Apocalypse is impending. The time is at hand.
Reading : Material and metaphysical wisdom of ancient Hindu sciences and philosophy. It is the wellspring of wisdom acquired by the Maharihis of India through contemplation and Yogavidhya.  Only the very perceptive can grasp the deep truths and intuitions in it.  They fascinate me.  However, the book I read with a throbbing heart is the work of 40 writers over a period of 1600 years, all guided by the same divine Spirit.  Some parts of it were originally written in Hebrew and others in Greek. The wise of this world would not comprehend it. The humble and lowly of heart, in whom God’s spirit acts, will grasp it.    
Goal : I know the secrets of hundreds of medicinal plants. They are like living beings to me. I feel a special bond with these plants, and I have a burden for protecting, preserving and studying these plants further.  Each of those plants potentially holds the promise of a cure for a disease that has no cure today.  Not many descendants of the ancient wise men are extant today who understand the secrets that all these plants hold. Similarly many rare tropical plants are on the verge of extinction even before science has had a chance to study them.   Some rare species are seen only on the lateral off shoots of Sahya mountain ranges.  In order that extinction may not befall them, and to unlock and perpetuate knowledge about them, I envision setting up “ The Valley of Life ” where these plants will be preserved and studied.  Those who share the concern for these plants are welcome to partner with me in this endeavor.  This place will be a sanctuary to the plants and a retreat for their protectors.  They can sit there in meditation.  The mountains and trees will serve as hideouts for them.